Anxiety as Ruto announces deployment of KDF in Nairobi

On Thursday, President William Ruto announced plans to deploy the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) in Nairobi and its surrounding areas to safeguard the region.

The decision was made during a meeting with military officers, however, the President did not specify when the meeting took place or when the officers would be deployed.

“Because I am the Commander in Chief, KDF soldiers know they are Kenyans and the roles they play in Nairobi. We will not go the way they want, our plan is set. We will provide our people with jobs and digitise the system,” he declared.

Additionally, it was not clarified whether the KDF would be working in conjunction with other agencies or the Nairobi County Government. Ruto stated that the KDF soldiers would assist in improving and developing areas such as Kamukunji, Kiambiu, and Eastleigh.

This announcement comes after previous statements from Ruto expressing dissatisfaction with the military’s involvement in state operations, particularly in the capital, which is currently overseen by the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) under General Mohamed Badi.

During the same event, the President also launched an affordable housing project in Shauri Moyo and criticized the opposition for their actions.

He assured that the first Kenyans to acquire affordable housing would be those in Kiambiu, and directed the Cabinet Secretary for Land, Zachary Njeru, and Nairobi Governor, Johnson Sakaja, to ensure that residents of Kiambiu receive adequate housing.

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