Eric Omondi shares concerns about Kenyan economy

Comedian Eric Omondi has expressed his concerns about the lack of money in the country, especially among young people. In a video posted on his social media handle, he spoke about how many times he has received messages from young people asking for money to meet basic needs.

According to Omondi, Kenya is facing a severe economic crisis where people are struggling to make ends meet. He criticized politicians for not doing enough to address this issue and instead spending their time on political rallies and exchanging words while the citizens suffer.

The comedian claimed that Kenyans are under economic slavery, and the country needs to break free from the chains of political, and economic slavery, and brainwashing. He urged people to prepare themselves to break their shackles and take control of their economic future.

Omondi’s message highlights a prevalent issue in Kenya’s economic landscape. Despite being one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, many Kenyans continue to struggle with poverty and unemployment.

To make matters worse, the country is also experiencing a severe drought, with the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority announcing that fuel prices will remain unchanged. This announcement has caused concerns about the future of the country’s economy and the ability of people to afford basic necessities.

Omondi’s message has resonated with many Kenyans, with some even calling for a revolution. However, others are skeptical of his message, questioning whether it is a plug for a new show or a genuine call for change.

Regardless of his intentions, Omondi’s message has sparked a conversation about Kenya’s economy and the need for change.

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