President Ruto reveals Nairobi’s Mega Plan to Combat Power Outages

Nairobi's New Plan to Combat Power Outages

In a major announcement, President William Ruto has unveiled a plan to tackle Nairobi’s frequent power outages and rationing. He revealed that the government has procured materials to generate energy from garbage, which will be collected from households and assembled at one specific place.

The trash will then be recycled to generate electricity and transmitted to power different homesteads. Ruto added that his administration will work with the county government to actualise the project.

Dandora Dumpsite is one of the garbage collection centres highlighted in the electricity production plan. The project is expected to address frequent power outages and rationing in Nairobi, occasioned by low water levels in the dams.

It will also help reduce electricity costs by shifting from over-reliance on water to generate power. Kenyans have reacted positively to the initiative, hopeful that it will provide much-needed relief from the country’s electricity woes.

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