Raila speaks on IEBC’s servers in Industrial Area

Raila speaks on IEBC's servers in Industrial Area

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio party, has alleged that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had four servers ahead of the August 2022 General Election, which were used to manipulate the election results.

Speaking at a Coast Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) delegates meeting in Mombasa, Raila revealed that two of the servers were located in Kenya, while the other two were in foreign countries.

He further claimed that no votes were stolen at the polling and tallying centers, and that the rigging took place mid-air through the servers, with the Venezuela-located server specifically being used to manipulate the results.

Credibility of elections

The allegations have once again raised concerns over the credibility and transparency of the electoral process in Kenya. The country has had a long history of election-related violence, with allegations of rigging and vote tampering being a common occurrence in past elections. Raila’s claims have reignited fears of potential unrest and instability ahead of the next election.

His claims come amid a political crisis in Kenya, with President William Ruto facing widespread protests and calls for his resignation. Ruto has been accused of corruption, nepotism, and abusing his office to further his political ambitions. His critics argue that his actions have undermined the country’s democracy and posed a threat to the rule of law.

Raila’s claims have also sparked a fierce debate over the role of the judiciary in ensuring free and fair elections. Raila has been critical of the Supreme Court ruling that upheld Ruto’s win in the last election, alleging that the court was compromised. He has called for mass action to challenge the ruling, arguing that the real power lies with the people.

President Ruto, on the other hand, has defended the process of selecting members of the IEBC selection panel, stating that it was constituted according to the constitution.

He denied any allegations of bias, insisting that he did not have any preferred candidates. However, his response has been met with skepticism by Raila’s supporters, who see it as an attempt to whitewash the allegations of electoral malpractice.

The political crisis in Kenya is likely to escalate in the coming months, with both sides gearing up for what could be a fiercely contested election. The country is no stranger to political violence, and the recent allegations of electoral malpractice have only added to the tensions.

The challenge for the government and the opposition will be to find a way to resolve their differences peacefully and to ensure that the next election is free, fair, and transparent.

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