Government pathologist reveals next key tests after exhuming Jeff Mwathi’s body

Homicide detectives on Friday exhumed the body of interior designer Jeff Marathi, who died under mysterious circumstances on February 23rd. The detectives collected more samples for toxicological analysis to determine the cause of his death. 

Following the exhumation, chief government pathologist Johansson Odor conducted a second autopsy and shared the next step after the exercise. According to Oduor, most samples were taken to ascertain allegations of sodomy as investigators suspected foul play. 

“There was some allegation of sodomy so we’re taking some swaps from the inner region which will undergo DNA we’ve taken samples for toxicological analysis we want to know whether there was some toxins involved or whether there are also any drugs all that involves,” Oduor said. 

Detectives also measured the width of Jeff’s chest to ascertain if it is consistent with the dimensions at the crime scene. Preliminary investigations revealed that he jumped off the 10th floor of the apartment building through a window.

The examination exercise took hours as detectives shifted through the rubble. Family members monitored the process from afar in a very delicate situation.

This is after DCI boss Muhammad Amin reconstructed the scene at Redwood Apartments in Kasarani, where Jeff is believed to have died inside the house of Mugithi musician Lawrence Njoguna alias DJ Fatso. 

The family is hopeful that justice will prevail. However, there was a standoff after a group of youth disagreed with detectives from the homicide department as to whether the remains should be reburied immediately or taken to the morgue.

A confrontation also ensued as the public raised concern over the exercise demanding transparency after media was denied access to the premises. 

Jeff’s remains were buried moments after as per the court order after a five-hour exhibition process that paved the way for a second autopsy to be conducted. Homicide detectives have retreated to write a report, which is expected to give direction.

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