Gachagua criticizes Muslims for giving Raila more votes

Gachagua criticizes Muslims for giving Raila more votes

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has voiced his displeasure with the Muslim community in Kenya for what he perceives as their insufficient support of the Kenya Kwanza government, despite President William Ruto’s extensive efforts to assist them.

Speaking to Muslims in Nairobi, Gachagua accused them of abandoning Ruto during the 2022 General elections when he needed their assistance the most.

During his speech, Gachagua acknowledged President Ruto’s significant contributions to the Muslim community, including the construction of mosques, schools and the empowerment of women across the country.

He also praised Ruto for his willingness to visit and engage with the Muslim community, even in remote areas.

“Our President (William Ruto) has built classes (for you), built mosques and helped women everywhere. He has been your true friend. He has been near you. But when he needed help, you limited it for him. We say thank you for the few votes you gave us, but we were a bit hurt because the one you gave much has no history of building even a single mosque. He has not built even a single classroom. He has not even built a school or helped women.”

Gachagua went on to urge the Muslim community to remember President Ruto’s efforts and consider voting for him in the upcoming second term elections in August 2027.

He emphasized the importance of being fair and just when it comes to supporting politicians who have shown dedication to their respective communities.

“Please, for our President (Ruto), when the time comes, remember him for the good he has done for you. He has been there when you needed him. He has visited you and fellowshipped in everything you’ve invited him to. But when he needs you, you go to someone who has done nothing for you,” Gachagua said.

In conclusion, Gachagua implored the Muslim community to recognize President Ruto’s contributions and prioritize supporting him in the future. He expressed hope that they would acknowledge Ruto’s efforts to improve their lives and extend their support accordingly.

As the deputy president’s comments continue to generate reactions from various quarters, it remains to be seen how the Muslim community will respond to his call for support in future elections.

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