Alfred Mutua has announced the availability of a standby helicopter to rescue 3,000 Kenyans stranded in Sudan.

On Sunday, April 16, Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary (CS) unveiled advanced preparations the government had put in place to help Kenyans stranded in Sudan.

In a speech at Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos Town, the CS reassured the diaspora Kenyans that the government was monitoring the situation closely and had arranged for a plane to be put on standby in case an evacuation exercise became necessary.

The CS indicated that the state maintained records of 3,000 Kenyans stuck in the war-torn country, though he speculated that the actual number may be higher as many Kenyans may not have registered with the Kenyan embassy.

He urged Kenyans to always register with the Kenyan embassy when travelling abroad, stressing that doing so would make them easier to locate in case of an emergency.

The war in Sudan broke out after a paramilitary group attempted to overthrow the military-led government. In response, President William Ruto proposed an immediate ceasefire, dialogue between the two warring groups, and for regional Presidents to send a high-level delegation to Khartoum to push for an agreement between the two warring parties.

The government of Kenya continues to monitor the situation in Sudan closely

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