Waititu: I own ‘The Beast’ used by Ruto to campaign

Waititu: I own 'The Beast' used by Ruto to campaign

Former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu has confirmed that he owns the Toyota Tundra that was used by President William Ruto for campaigns.

In an interview with the Nation on Sunday, Waititu claimed that he donated the vehicle, which he referred to as “The Beast,” during the 2017 elections when he campaigned for President Ruto and his deputy. 

However, the High Court recently allowed the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to freeze Waititu’s assets, including the Toyota Tundra, on the grounds that they were proceeds of corruption when he was Kabete MP and Kiambu governor.

“I am one of those people who campaigned for President Ruto and his deputy. I even donated my cars, including a Toyota Tundra that was commonly referred to as The Beast because of its fancy modifications,” he said. 

Waititu also expressed his disappointment that he had been forgotten by those close to the President and that they did not want to see him speaking to the President directly. 

“Now I am an isolated man, and it seems I have been forgotten. Those close to the President do not want to see me speaking to him directly,” Waititu added. 

Notably, the arrival of ‘The Beast’ in the political campaigns caused a stir once it was officially received by Ruto. The vehicle was intricately adorned with UDA’s signature colors and underwent modifications estimated to cost approximately Ksh17 million. 

Adorned with images of Ruto and his running mate at the time, Rigathi Gachagua, the truck caught the attention of many. The UDA party further disclosed that the generous contribution was from a staunch supporter of the Hustler Nation’s agenda, adding to the vehicle’s allure.

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