Zari Hassan fires back after jibe on missing shape

Zari Hassan, has recently shared a snapshot showcasing her donning a cozy sweater designed by Gert-Johan Coetzee, a prominent South African fashion artist celebrated for gracing both local and international celebrities with his creations during grand red-carpet affairs.

However, amidst the glamorous spotlight, an incident of online shade emerged from one of Zari’s followers.

 Just weeks after Zari openly discussed undergoing surgical procedures to enhance specific aspects of her physique, a fan took a sly dig at her appearance. The fan commented, “Leo shepu sioni shemeji,” which translates to “Today I can’t see your silhouette, sister-in-law.”

Zari swiftly responded with her own retort, asserting, “Ulipewa akili na macho, itumie vizuri. Nguo sio ya kubana. Yaani wakosa akili mnachosha.” This translates to “You were bestowed with intelligence and eyes, utilize them wisely. This attire isn’t meant to be form-fitting. It’s tiring to deal with those lacking in intellect.”

Addressing another follower who assumed her outfit was counterfeit, Zari defended herself, saying, “F you and your opinion because Gert-Johan Coetzee gifted me this sweater some three years ago. Now take your need to shave your a** outta my business, Ms. know-it-all.”

In a candid revelation made in July, Zari openly admitted to undergoing surgical procedures. She confirmed “What people say about me undergoing plastic surgery is true, but I simply eliminated excess fat from my legs and abdomen.” She further added, “For the time being, no matter my weight, my stomach and legs won’t revert to their former size.”

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