Carol Sonnie moves on from Mulamwah, spotted with a new man

Carol Sonnie moves on from Mulamwah, spotted with a new man

In a recent development, Carol Sonnie, the mother of social media influencer Mulamwah’s child, has been spottted in the company of an enigmatic gentleman. This encounter was captured on her Instagram Stories, where she posted a video showcasing her and the man, whose identity remains a mystery.

The video clip features Sonnie elegantly attired in a form-fitting pink dress and complementary eyewear, her makeup impeccably applied. The unidentified man is seen affectionately capturing moments of Sonnie as she enjoys a steak at a restaurant. Her demeanor suggests a degree of camera shyness, ultimately leading to the video’s premature conclusion.

During the course of the video, Sonnie subtly flaunts her wristwatch and the man’s footwear, drawing the admiration of online observers who noted her impeccable taste. Some wittily remarked that the new man seemed to share a fashion style with Mulamwah, particularly in their choice of footwear.

Sonnie’s caption for the video reads, “Out for dinner with my rib giver.”

Despite the intrigue surrounding this encounter, the identity of Carol Sonnie’s new companion remains elusive. Nevertheless, the video has ignited speculations that she may have moved on from her previous relationship with Mulamwah.

It’s important to recall that Mulamwah and Sonnie made public their separation in February 2023, having a young daughter together who is now a year old. As the online community speculates about the future of Sonnie’s newfound connection, it’s evident that she is taking steps towards embracing a new chapter in her life. The trajectory of this potential relationship remains uncertain, but Sonnie’s actions indicate a clear willingness to move forward.

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