Wanyama fires back after being linked to Diana Marua

Wanyama fires back after being linked to Diana Marua

The Bahati family recently came together to celebrate a significant milestone – the fourth birthday of their son, Majesty. In a heartfelt message, Bahati shared his joy about the momentous occasion, reflecting on the happiness that surrounded his son’s birth.

The dedication took the form of a touching collage comprised of family portraits, capturing the strong sense of unity within the family. Dressed in sleek all-black ensembles, both Bahati and Diana, along with their children, radiated a sense of togetherness. The men, in particular, exuded style, with the young boys donning charming bow ties and suits. Bahati’s message underscored his commitment to working diligently to provide for his family and support his children’s dreams.

“As you turn 4, my promise to you is unwavering support for your aspirations. I will tirelessly strive to grant you a life beyond my own experiences, and above all, I’ll bestow upon you the most valuable gift a father can offer his son: unwavering belief. I WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOU MJ.”

However, amidst the celebrations, an unfortunate incident marred the occasion. An image from the family collage was manipulated online, featuring additional celebrities including a prominent Kenyan footballer. This manipulated image quickly gained traction, with social media users tagging the footballer in question. Expressing his frustration, the footballer, who allegedly shared a friendship with Diana Marua during their younger years, took to his Twitter account to address the matter.

In a strongly-worded response, the footballer vehemently denied any connections implied by the altered image, demanding an end to the speculations. He expressed his exasperation at being unwittingly involved in the controversy surrounding one of Bahati’s children.

“Put an end to this nonsense immediately,” the footballer’s tweet admonished Kenyans.

In response, social media users engaged in a spirited dialogue, with many suggesting that the footballer should have chosen to ignore the manipulated photo instead of engaging in a public confrontation. The incident serves as a reminder of the power and impact of social media in shaping perceptions and provoking reactions.

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